About Little Ol’ Me

My name is Elsye, people call me chardonnay. chardonnay is a name I picked up back when I was a road biking fool in Iowa, good times. It’s also my burner name so it might as well be my trail name. Trail name? Yes, in 2015 I completed a thru hike (hiking a long distance trail end-to-end within one hiking season) of the Pacific Crest Trail! It was fun, tough and I did a bunch of things I never thought I would ever do. So then in 2016 I hiked 1200 miles of the Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Massachusetts)! Went back to finish Massachusetts to Maine in 2018! I also thru hiked the Continental Divide Trail in 2017.  Heading out to do the Arizona Trail in Fall 2018! What can I say I’m outdoorsy, sorta!

Basically I’m a Midwest girl living on the west coast. Grew up in Michigan, lived in Iowa for long time, and a couple of years in the Colorado Mountains. About 6 years ago I got a wild hair and moved to California. Between you and me I was over the winters. San Diego has great weather and its crazy different so right up my alley, for now.
I’m a simple girl; I like things uncomplicated and drama free.
I love to try things, ALL The Things, risky, weird, different things. Things I shouldn’t try but do. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.
As the saying goes I owe it to myself at least to try.
I like meeting people, hearing their stories.
I love wine, not just Chardonnay, throw in cheese/crackers and I’m good. (Its a real treat on the trail!)
I love hanging out with friends and laughing with family.
I like music and love Pearl Jam.
I’m a whole lot of crazy; I admit that, its part of what makes me awesomely interesting.
I’ve been described as a social butterfly yet quiet, really I just like to listen (it’s a lost art).  You’d be amazed what you hear when you stop talking. 
My passion, well, it changes regularly. I enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, camping, dancing, reading, traveling, cooking, old movies and a host of other things it just depends on my mood.
There are some things I don’t like, but I try not to think about them or avoid them like the plague. So that’s a little about me, I can’t tell you everything it would kill the mystery.  Follow me on this journey of self discovery that could become an embarrassing disaster of epic proportions or not.

PCT Thru Hike – Going into Oregon!