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 Iowa State Univ. News Flash

It’s all about the journey. Hiking the PCT, solo. 
African American Explorations- Teresa Baker
Bad Decisions 101 – Life on the PCT
                Campfire Tales – Short Stories in the Outdoors

Meet Elsye W. aka Wandering Chardonnay
                The Clueless Wanderer Blog
The Delicious Wind
                The Joy Trip Project (mentioned)
Sensing Spring Changes 
Hike Like a Woman


Hike Like a Woman   – Hiking with Chardonnay

Cascade Hiker Podcast Chardonnay- Looking for a Triple Crown This Summer 

Quit HappensWalking off beaten path not happy trails quit


Getting to the California Oregon border on the PCT – 2015

Feeling the feels at the Northern Terminus of the PCT – 2015

Hiking the CDT 2017 Idaho……in July! (the next day sunny & warm, thru hiking)


PCT 2015 the Journey………(need to update tunes that were deleted)

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