Alpine Meadows ’18 -’19

Winter is Coming!!!!

Ok hold up…….#1 I think ‘Winter is Coming’ is a GOT thing (I have never watched the show) #2 Winter is not actually coming to me, however I am going to it.
Either way I’m so excited!! I take off for Tahoe City in about 3 weeks, I have a lot to do/get ready. But I gave notice at work; they asked if I was coming back, hmmm, I honestly don’t know. I’m in the wind!
So I have been working out, trying to strengthen my legs. SKI LEGS!! Had to order me some good snow boots (which led to a bunch of crap with the US Postal Service. I hate USPS, ok that strong but I really really don’t like them. They are rude and have zero accountability plus crappy customer service. It’s time for me to move on from them, so over them.)

Sad to be leaving everyone, again, but thus is my life. Also due to lack of time and funds I can’t make it home (well, not till April now anyway). So that sucks too. Trying not to let those thing weigh me down. This is a super experience that I have been wanting for a long time. Can’ t even believe this is happening. Dear sweet baby Jesus I hope I don’t freeze to death, SoCal has made me soft.

Pack or Freeze
Sagebrush to Summit
Baby It’s Cold Outside
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