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Reminiscing – Little River Band

  April is derived from the Latin aperire meaning “to open”, for me that means two things: opening my memory book, reflecting and being open to what the future holds. Also it’s “trail-aversary” time!! 4/12/15 started hiking Pacific Crest Trail 4/15/16 started hiking Appalachian Trail 4/13/17 started hiking Continental Divide Trail Let me tell you it feels... Continue Reading →

Nature Therapy: Why The Great Outdoors Is Great For Recovery

Feature Image: Courtesy Pixabay This guest post was written by Michelle Petersen In the 19th century, aristocrats and well-to-do members of the upper-middle class flocked to spa towns and health resorts across the western world. From Bath, England, to Hot Springs, Arkansas, the Great and the Good pursued wellness by going out into the countryside... Continue Reading →

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