Hello, my name is Chardonnay and I’m addicted to reading Trail Journals. It all started with Carrot Quinn’s 2013 journal, if you want some good trail stories start there. Once I stumbled onto the PCT Journalist I just spiraled out of control. Reading at work, reading home, it’s kinda ridiculous, but I can’t stop.

It’s even worse now that people thru hiking this year have already started leaving. Blogs are getting updated you can feel the excitement. People are packing up , arriving in San Diego, heading out to Campo. It’s all so exciting, oh how I wish I were heading out too.

But alas, I am not, well not until this time next year! So until then I will have to live vicariously. Guess it’s a lesson in staying present. My time will come, when it should. While my excitement will bubble under the surface for the next 11 months, I have to remember not to gloss over all the exciting things I HAVE GOING ON right now!

So many great things :

Preparation for the Burn (maybe I shouldn’t wait to the last minute as usual)

BRC Ranger Training

PCT Training (so many trails to hike and places to discover)

Summer (summer in San Diego is well awesomeness and I have a paddle board groupon just calling my name!)

Yea… is good!

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