NorCal heat

Hey guys! I’m finally past the midpoint and….drum roll…..I did my first 30 mile day! Whiskers gave me a big ankle bandage that really helps with support. I’m still babying it and popping vitamin I every now and then. But moving!

Midpoint 1325 miles to Canada!

Got so excited about being half way……I walked off and left my trekking poles. Luckily I remembered and jogged back for them!  I’ve been hiking with Kelsey and we have been averaging 27 miles lately. It’s been pretty nice being at a lower elevation. Oh, and it is warm!!! Hot even. So nice not having to pack a frozen tent with frozen fingers!

For now we are playing escape California! Oregon is so close but yet so far, 280 miles away. I’ve also ran through my 2nd pair of shoes. I got 700 miles out of them but I guess 2 weeks in snow and water was a bit much.


One thought on “NorCal heat

  1. keep on going! You are doing so great. Love reading your updates! Mailed a package for you yesterday to be waiting for you at Dunsmuir, CA..hopefully your next stop after that will be OREGON!

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