The end is near, sorta

Gosh, I can’t believe I am so close to the end. It all has gone by so very fast. But the PCT being the PCT we have been thrown a curve ball, a fire detour. The Wolverine/Blankenship fire has closed 13 miles of the trail.

We have 2 choices a 80-90 miles reroute that includes about 50 miles of road walking on hwy 20 (or hitching). With this route you bypass Stehekin, unless you him back to it. Or take a bus or hitch to Chelan and take a ferry to Stehekin.

This complicates things, first because I suck at making decisions, I’m wish washy. I really want/need to go to Stehekin. My last resupply is being sent there, and they have this awesome bakery I’ve been hearing about for 2000 miles! Oh and I’m just not all that excited about tryin to hitch 50 miles. So we are headed to the ferry, I think.

So for now I am at the Dinsmores, awesome trail angels in Baring WA. I was all fired up to blow through here but maybe this is a lesson in patience. While here I got some awesome free socks from Thorlos and the Dinsmore’s gifted me new trekking poles! Yea, no more duct taped tent poles, that was ridiculous (even though I am the queen of makin do).

I been told this next section is rugged, beautiful, and steep. So this chance to regroup and head out with a hiking partner instead of alone (as I have been for the last couple of days) is a good idea.

This post is brought you by the kindness of others! Thanks James for my Seattle break & hauling me back and forth. Thanks Zara & Dan for my surprise snacks (I heart snacks)!

ashland dan_preview

Happy trails y’all!

One thought on “The end is near, sorta

  1. It was great to meet you and Goat today, even if only briefly, and fun reading up on your PCT adventures! I’d wish you good luck with your final few days, but clearly you’re the sort of person who makes her own luck. Sorry about all the smoke and the fire detour! However, by now you know you were right to go to Stehekin — that bakery is pretty cool. 😉

    –The guy who gave you a lift from Mazama to Rainy Pass

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