Given to fly

Thing about doing another trail is you have kinda have an idea about what’s coming at you. When I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail I had really no clue what I was getting myself into. Great thing about hiking is you’re always learning. I’ve learned that gear can make a world of difference in your enjoyment of the woods.

So I got me some better gear! Yea me. Lighter load equals enjoyable hiking. I met other hikers on the PCT that had tiny ultralight packs and I read a ton about it, hoping I could shed pack weight as well. However some things I just gotta have. As much as I love nature, and would love to float along the trail with a super light tarp, I need a tent.
It’s a bit heavier than my last one but it’s spiffy and free standing! I’m also taking a stove this time and a rain jacket. So where am I cutting the weight?…..I…..don’t….know (yet).

Ok, it’s not that bad I still think I will come in with a base weight around 22 pounds (base weight =the total weight of your entire gear kit, excluding consumables which are food, water, and fuel.) yeah….that is a lot and not light or even ultra light.

Omg I’ve been yacking about gear, for those of you wondering here is some info about the trail!

What is the Appalachian Trail?
The Appalachian Trail (AT) is a approximately 2,165 miles long continuously marked footpath in the Appalachian Mountains that spans 14 states in the eastern U.S.
Its northern terminus is Mt. Katahdin in Maine (where I will end). Its southern terminus is Springer Mtn. in Georgia (where I will begin). One in four thru-hikers who start
from Springer Mountain makes it all the way to Katahdin in Maine.

Crazy exciting right!! This is going to be another physically and mentally challenging adventure with steep climbs, rocky mountainsides and river crossings (oh gawd). So totally like the PCT but way different!! Currently working on my gear list (coming soon), learning to blog from a new phone and an itinerary that I probably won’t follow.


5 thoughts on “Given to fly

  1. “Home again home again, like a turtle to his balcony…”

    Richard Brautigan

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventure on the trail. But you’re more seasoned, and wiser now. Still, it’ll be great! When do you plan to push off?

    David Shearer

  2. Hi! I live in Maryland now – so I can meet you on the trail in several spots!!! Perhaps I could join you for a stretch and bring you stuff you need! 🙂 Liz

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