Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall 

“Through the rainstorm came sanctuary
And I felt my spirit fly”

Spent two days traveling back to the trail, it was sunshine and blue skies. The day I stepped on the trail rain! Seriously I am still over the rain. I know I should stop complaining about it, but that’s not going to happen. I left Harper’s Ferry and was wet for 2 days. It’s not that your just wet, but there are all these really slippery rocks. So of course I had to go and fall. Busted my knee open. Not to worry I have a first aid kit, with a needle. I  stiched that right up! Kidding! It’s all good.

So I hiked with two very fast young guys, Scooby and Renaissance. Even though I couldn’t keep up for long i loved their enthusiasm for the trail. It was their first thru hike and they were enjoying it.

Got busted singing yesterday. When I haven’t seen anyone for miles I crank up my tunes and sing! I guy came up behind me out of nowhere and says ‘coming round ya, great singing’! Too the way I was singing Seal’s Love’s Divine….with feeling.

Next rain day I hiked a bit with an older guy Kans…from Erwin, TN! We walked an extra mile in the pouring rain for….batteries, I think we were rain delirious. Luckily a local offered us a ride back to the trailhead. She didn’t even mind our dirty, wet packs on her nice seat covers.

Ensign Cowell Shelter

Stayed in the Ensign Shelter, you can order pizza there! There was a lively bunch of hikers there. One older dude has been ‘on the trail’ for six years. Boy, did he have some stories, and a cool AT poem he wrote. When I went to sleep he was still talking.
There was SUN!!
At least until 4pm……..when it started raining again. Doh!
Here’s me at High Rock, my moment in the sun!


Did I mention I made it to Pennsylvania!!?? I did.

3 thoughts on “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall 

  1. Love, love your outlook on this whole adventure! May you continue to find friends and sun along the way

  2. Pursue the rain. Rain is like lonliness. Isolation. You are defined as the rivulets run down your body and caress you with the cold chill of nature. You learn where you end and the world around you begins.

    When the sun comes, when the warmth comes, you become one with the world around you and you accept the Sun with joy. Your spirit is able to reach out to others and for a while you blend.
    But don’t forget the rain because without it you have little definition.
    Hugs Elyse.

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