Trail challenges

The last couple of days have been, well, great! The sun has been shining and the Pennsylvania rocks haven’t been that bad (knock on wood). Plus got trail magic …..Gatorade floating in a stream! Great for a hot hike day!

Trail magic

Made it to the midpoint, well not my midpoint but still the trail halfway. Still momentus with my PCT mileage and AT miles I have hike over 3000 miles! Woohoo, yeah me.

Mid point

At this point in Pine Grove Furnace there is a half gallon ice cream eating challenge. Um, yea I passed on that. But these guys did not!


There is also a challenge out on the trail called the “four state challenge” and it consists of crossing from Virginia into West Virginia, West Virginia into Maryland, then Maryland into Pennsylvania within twenty-four hours. I passed on that too due to crappy weather. Oh well I’ll have to come up with my own challenge!

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