Pennsylvania Rocks

So there has been very little climbing in Pennsylvania, but a whole bunch of Rocks! Seriously little rocks, slippery rocks, medium rocks that jet out of the ground and wreck your ankles, giant boulders to jump from and climb. So many rocks! The weather has been swell though, warm, ok hot, with sprinkles & some rain at night. I’ll take that.

This way to Maine


And then there’s this…

image          sally

So you know…variety. Found this little dude just hanging out on the trail!!

So how’s trail life? Well I’m sitting here waiting for my ramen to cook in diluted Gatorade water (i was too lazy to go back to the stream for ‘fresh’ water). I’ll probably throw some sour cream & chive mashed potatoes in it, cuz well trail food. At least I have a Sprite a nice lady gave me at the road to wash it down with!

I got poison ivy on my elbows, yep that happened. Must got it on my hip belt because thats where my elbows rub. Gotta be more careful where I set my pack down.

Into Hamberg tomorrow, miscalculated…..ran outta food, thought I could make it to Delaware Water Gap, but nope. That’s about four days away. So running in for supplies. Oh there is also the Yuengling Brewery tour (America’s oldest brewery) nearby. A lot of cool distractions out here….man, a girl’s gotta hike…..Kathadin is waiting.

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Rocks

  1. So glad to hear that PA is treating you well. PA does love it’s rocks. Here is a place I played a lot as a child. Boulder Field.
    I hear the brewery tour is nice. We were down that way last year for the Freeform Festival. Which is this weekend at a new site (Honesdale).
    Enjoying your adventure Char. Keep on keeping on. ❤

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