High on a Mountain Top

Went for a great hike this weekend. San Gorgonio 11, 503 feet, the tallest mountain in Southern California. We took the Momyer route up 15 miles of, well up. We had 5 in our group and picked up 3 more all of us camping at the summit.


The first part was steep and the younger crew tore out. Actually we all went at a pretty good clip through the first part, that would catch up to us later. It graded out nicely and the clouds and cool breezes made for great hiking.

The part that got me was the last haul. We had to carry out water about 6 miles to the summit. It was alot as we wouldn’t have water again until three miles down the next morning. Plus there seemed to be numerous false summits.


I so glad we finally made it, and beat. And super happy I was wearing my brace no ankle issues. Now since I left a good portion of my camping gear back in Michigan, I was making due. Borrowed a huge 2 person tent from a friend, thing took up half my backpack. But once I set it up in one of the rock formation wind breaks I was balling mcmansion style! With no puffy jacket I just wore multiple shirts and my super kitty sweatshirt! It got down to 36, brr, but at least it wasn’t super windy as it can be up there.


After enjoying some wine and cheese and catching the sunset I slipped into my sleeping bag. It’s a 20 degree bag so I was toasty in there. But I used a cheap replacement sleeping pad. Don’t do this. Not a good night sleep AT ALL. Luckily the view was amazing. Crawled out of my tent in the middle of the night and enjoyed the bright moon shining on San Jacinto an the city lights of Palm Springs and Hemet. It’s so eerily quiet up there after being in the city.

After a restless (thirsty) night, i woke and made a half cup (last of my water) coco and coffee. Forgot me oatmeal (not that I had water) so I ate two handfuls of peanut M&M’s. It was a 10 miles downhill so I saved my protein bar for later.


We took the Vivian Lake route down. BTW I would recommend this route up its shorter and nicer. There were a ton of people coming up that morning. Chatted wit some nice guys out from Arizona at the water source. They had run into the same Ranger we had the day before. The Ranger was putting the fear in everyone about the fires.


Anyways we made it down in pretty good time. Even after little sleep it was a good hike down. Even got in some trail dance party!!

So I’ve gotten 3 of the six pack of peaka done. San Jacinto, San Gorgonio and Mt San Antonio(Baldy). Just have Mt. Wilson, Cucamonga Peak and San Bernardino to go!

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