Stronger than I am now

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” ~ Amelia Earhart

With the tentative date of April 8th closing in fast I’ve started to kick my training up a notch. Let’s face it I’ve put on some weight over the holidays (mmm meats & cheeses) and I’ve used all the drought ending rain as an excuse for not getting outdoors. So, what does my training look like?

I hit the gym about five times a week, on the treadmill I alternate between walking at an incline and jogging. When I’m at the gym with the stair climber I torture myself with that (working my way up to 30 mins, for now at about 15 mins my motivation tank runs out). When I’m feeling saucy I grab some weights and fling them around. I’ve recently been trying out some Yoga (don’t laugh) it can help with improving flexibility and balance. The CDT will no doubt be the hardest thing I have ever done, so covering all the bases.

The best training is hitting the trail, I know, that is about all the information you’ll find online, too. Basically it’s my belief you can adequately train with long hikes and hilly terrain. So I’m making this up as I go. I’ve met a lot of people who use the get in shape on the trail plan. I’d rather put in the work now (even on that stair climber) and recover at home. When I do get outside, on weekends, I have a nice 20 mile loop to pace myself on backpack and all.  Thinking about hauling my backpack over to the gym!

What makes hiking the CDT so physically demanding? Well, Walking mile after mile 3000 miles give or take. That’s 18-25 miles per day elevation following the Continental Divide of the Americas. Oh and weather lots of weather snow, heat, rain, cold you name it. The CDT stretches from Canada to Mexico, and crosses Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. Yea, Embrace the Brutality.

(side note: my wonky ankle is doing pretty good, been doing strengthening exercises. I can run for 30 mins and not be in pain afterwards…yea,me)

2 thoughts on “Stronger than I am now

  1. Hey cousin,

    I just had neck/spinal column surgery on April 10th. I would love to Gage my recovery by your progression. It’s April 22nd and I am up walking and almost driving. This time last week, I couldn’t be out of bed more than 20 minutes so I am hyped. Where are you currently?

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us😁

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