Crap…..another checkpoint

Road trip to Lordsburg, New Mexico went great! How could it not, there was licorice, In N Out, good company lots of chatting and laughing. I get a bit frazzled when I’m leaving, so its good to a friend who can deal with me. It’s only about 8 hrs from San Diego, we made good time even with the stop to get me a new hiking outfit. It’s a short dress, cute and functional, but I miss my skirt. People, trail gear does not have to be expensive…what up Walmart.

We tried to make it to the hotel in time to watch Survivor, but we missed it (darn you, Mountain Time). But I did get a CDT buff from Radar! Turns out Kelsey was on the room right next to ours!! Yea, so instead of tv we got ice cream and chatted with Kelsey before the early morning shuttle.

Oh there were a bunch of checkpoints on the 8 & 10 highways, FYI.

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