Poked and scratched

There are a lot of things that poke and scratch you out here, and then there’s the bob wire fences! I’ve been over, under and around so many fences. But we made it 85 miles back to Lordsburg!

Don’t fence me in…see that CDT sign…that’s the trail.

I got a pretty wicked tan, yea desert hiking! Seven of us left the border at the same time. Most of them flew by us. We kept running into a group of three 2 guys and a girl (ME, Thor, and Garbelly). We would all huddle under the very limited shade spots. Later I found out this was ME’s FIRST thru hike! Go girl!

Now Kelsey and I are sharing a room with Treeman, he’s from Germany and a joy to chat with. Getting showers, laundry and food for the next 3 day leg. Food resupply is easy, with all the heat I didn’t eat much. Kelsey on the other hand has found her Hiker hunger and is resupplying at McDonalds!

Double cheeseburgers to pack out!


Leaving EARLY tomorrow morning, trying to beat the heat. Next stop Silver City! Only 2915 miles to go….

Happy Trails!

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