Rolling on…..

Well, Pie Town has great pie, but the sweetest thing there is the local residents! Anita at the Toaster House is the nicest lady.  Thanks for great place to rest and recharge. Jeremy  and Jennifer a local couple invited ALL 10 of us hikers over for a great stir fry dinner. Then the whipped out their guitars played and sang, they have skills. We were well taken care of. Jeremy  quote: “Now you all are out here on this trail to find yourselves, or whatever…..we are here to help you on your journey.” There are so many people who were very generous with their help out here it is beyond words.
We finally escaped the Pie Town vortex, mmm pecan pie. Headed out towards a town called Grants. We took the alternate route which included a long dirt road walk but Western New Mexico’s gorgeous, rolling terrain, a lot of ranch land covered in ponderosa pine and juniper, with spectacular views of natural sandstone bluffs. There is also a lot of cows, cows we share shade and water with.

Moooover, we want water too!

Fingers crossed my water filter still works. It may or may not have frozen with dip in temperatures. It’s questionable if they work after that. I do have iodine tablets as a back up. I have to get better with handling my water issues…..more on that later!

One thought on “Rolling on…..

  1. Stir fry, good music, and what’s that I see on the table? Jack Daniels! An inspired evening indeed. Pietown is now on my list of places to visit, too.
    Happy trails Chardonay…

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