Route 66 water kicks!

So I almost forgot about our water situation a while back. Things happen fast out here. So we were hiking through El Mapais conservation area, it was a day of snafu’s. 20170504_185700First I miscalculated what I thought would be a short cut. Then we hiked by multiple ponds, not getting water, because we had planned a 22 mile hike to a well. Camping at the well meant water that night and for the next day.

Unfortunately I did not read the comments on the water report that stated the well was dry! The next “possible” water was 20 miles away and we had none. So we hike another 2 miles to the freeway and caught a hitch to the nearest gas station….where we had Soda Pop, of course!! A nice guy bought us chips and cookies, he had thru hiked the Appalachian Trail!

We spent a bit too long there leaving just as it got dark with plans to stealth camp as we were still a ways from town. So we whipped out our headlamps and began night hiking Route 66. However New Mexico loves it’s fences so finding a spot was, well a challenge. Thought we found a spot under an overpass, but it was right by the rail lines…not safe. So we climbed what Kelsey called a ladder(it was actually a drainage screen). Back on the road we noticed rail security coming our way and hid behind some bushes! Once he was gone we climbed a fence finding a nice sandy spot to cowboy camp (Sleeping outside without an overhead shelter, such as a tent or tarp).

All in all it turned out to be a great spot. I slept great considering I’m not a fan of cowboy camping. Oh the joy of thru hiking….you just never know how your day will go, or where!

2 thoughts on “Route 66 water kicks!

  1. Super proud to learn that we attended Iowa State at the same time … looking forward to following your journey.

  2. Life is an adventure enjoy every bit of it…I’m 74 years old and still finding new trails…enjoy… 🙂

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