It’s not me It’s you…..

New Mexico I’m moving on, it’s time. You tested me in ways I never imagined. The heat in the desert with no shade to found, to the cold temps that I was not expecting. There were winds that about blew me right off the trail.

Your amount of wildlife is Incredible, a bear, elk, rabbits, COWS, rattle snakes, turkeys, and a bird that looked like a Cornish hen!

Crossing the Gila river so many times I lost count. Such a contrast to the high current ice cold streams that numbed my feet in the north. I will never forget how my heart pounded and legs shaked as I crossed on a downed log. Your many, many gates and fences.

The scenery you provided brought western movies and Georgia O’Keefe paintings to life. The one night I cowboy camped I felt like a bandit, but the star filled sky seemed so close I could touch it.

Your small towns made it hard to return to the trail at times. So many friendly, generous  and kind people helping make this journey easier.

As my first state on the CDT you didn’t make it easy. Embrace the Brutality, indeed. I doubted myself at times, but your challenges have made me stronger.

So I’m off to face the snowy mountains of Colorado. Thanks for the memories New Mexico!

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