High Water…..

Our next section through Bridger Teton National Forest is brought to you by water and mosquitoes. It was a record snow year all along the trail this year. So record snow means high melting run off creating raging high rivers and standing water creates a bjillion mosquitoes.

The mosquitoes have been eating us alive. I thought when we got back in the snow at 10,000′ there would be none, or less. Nope. Those little buggers are relentless. We stopped for one break and had to put up our tents just for a moment to eat and rest.

The raging rivers are a whole other story.

At one crossing the water more than waist deep. We went up stream about 1.5 miles just to find a safe place to cross and it was still thigh high. Then we had to bushwack back to the trail. About 5 miles later we had yet another crossing with the river trifecta…wide, deep, and fast current. In the picture that pole is a trail sign, under water. This crossing was pretty scary as it was so fast and wide. We spent almost an hour looking for a safe place to cross. It would not be the last crossing.

We hiked faster the rest of the day. It was great to actual get back to a point where we could pull out 20 miles. While the snow is still around it is melting so really it’s just wet and super muddy. The bear prints left in the mud reminded us we are in grizzly bear country. I’m not a fan. Now I am hanging my food in trees and it can be frustrating just getting it up there. Of course once I get it up there I want something out of it! We hiked to one campsite because it was supposed to have a bearbox…..unfortunately it was buried under a bunch of snow.

On the way into Dubois the views of the Tetons are amazing. I even took part in hike naked day, tastefully of course. I was glad I did it early, because even though we haven’t seen ANYONE since we left town, all of a sudden 5 cyclist on the Tour Divide came racing by!

When we hit the road it took awhile to get a hitch. A girl we passed hiking down the mountain, Emily gave us a lift into town. She was out picking mushrooms!

Hanging out in Dubois now resupplying and sending supplies ahead. Headed for Yellowstone next!

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