I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan -Bob Dylan

For those of you following along…..


So I’ve had to postpone my Arizona Trail thru hike til this fall. Originally I wanted to do it as a fall hike anyway, but I got a bit excited when I heard some people I knew were heading out in March. I tried to pull off a March hike but realized I was rushing and overlooking details. Two things I’ve learned thru hiking is planning is part of the journey and to be flexible with your plans. When I  prepared for PCT I had a hundred spreadsheets for gear, resupply, miles per day…..plans for my plans.  I stressed for a couple hundred miles trying to stick to those plans. Then another hiker said to me ‘just let it go, you’ll make it’.  Took me a bit to accept that, but when I did things just worked out. Besides I really need to focus on some personal commitments. That and the Appalachian Trail isn’t gonna be a cake walk, the Presidential mountain range no doubt has lessons for me. So Arizona I’m still coming for ya….just in the fall!

Hiking through Vasquez rocks

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