Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

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Chardonnay- Looking for a Triple Crown This Summer


If you haven’t heard I did a podcast interview with Rudy over at Cascade Hiker Podcast. We chatted about thru hiking, what inspires me, and going for the Triple Crown. Going for the Triple Crown (hiking the three major U.S. long-distance trails) is something I don’t really talk about much. Seriously go check it out. He has a great conversational style and besides me he has talked to some really interesting, motivating and knowledgeable outdoorsy people! Let me know what you think, my recorded voice sounds kinda dorky but I tend to be my harshest critic!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

  1. You don’t sound “dorky” at all. But hearing your voice adds another dimension to the person I’ve never met face to face.
    It was an informative podcast. Quite enjoyable as well. And it was interesting to hear your views on race and outdoor recreation. It’s the first time I’ve heard you address the subject.
    So thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hearing more… often

  2. I loved it! Rudy does do a great job but you sounded very comfortable and it was fun learning more about you. Good luck on your triple crown!

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