Magic Carpet Ride

Worked the magic carpet today (a surface lift used to move skiers and snowboarders uphill). It’s kinda fun to work the carpet. Its a reminder that we all start somewhere. There was a ski instructor with 4 little kids all under the age of 5. Little shredders! They are so fun to watch they have little fear and learned quickly (low center of gravity helps, I think). So cool to see them “get it”, to the point they weren’t even waiting for the instuctor, just barreling on down the hill. Funny though when they get tired they just fall over and lay there! That’s it done.

Later there was the beginner adults with their instructor. Adults tend to be more tentative and careful. When kids fall they lay there….til you pick them up (and sometimes cry); adults fall, lay there laugh and apologize. No worries I say..lending a hand, now you know how to fall. Nailed it.

Eventually they will move on from the carpet to the chair lifts. Watching people learn to ski is pretty cool. Seeing their confidence build. Like most other things in life you will fall, but you have to get up (sometimes with help) and give it another try. Get back on the horse skiis! You got this!

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