Michigan Women

If you didn’t know….I’m from Flint, yes that one. You can’t go home again….that’s kinda true. When I grew up in Flint it was a different place. I lived in a Dick and Jane neighborhood there were homeroom moms, halloween was a community event, we played kickball in the street, we drank from the garden hose, everyone went to day-camp, mom knew everything and GM was the city anchor. Now GM is gone, the city seems smaller, I don’t know the neighbors, we lock the doors, my high school is closed and water comes in bottles.

Things have changed. But somethings haven’t…mom still knows everything, she still has the bests yard in the hood and at 85 she’s a force to be reckoned with! Going home always reminds me how lucky I am. My parents sacrificed a lot for me. They taught me I could do anything, ski, play violin, colorguard….whatever I came up with they were behind me, no matter what. Mom taught me to be a strong woman but not to forget those that paved the way. Thanks mom.

While I was in Michigan I went down to Livonia to hear Heather Anderson give a talk. I was super excited, I’ve wanted to meet her for a while now. She is badass hiker and super nice. Have you read her book,Thirst!?  It was so good. Took me like a month to read it. I had to keep stopping to process all the feels. Go check it out!

Michigan hiking girls!

Oh and Heather happens to be from……Michigan!! So in conclusion 1)Badass Women come from Michigan!! Boom! 2) Home is where the heart is…and mine is sprinkled all across the country.

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