Skirting the issue

Let me start by saying I’m not a big endorser of products. But I’m all about sharing with y’all something that is worth you checking out. Okay. That being said you probably know I am really thrift store kinda girl. I got both of my thru hiking skirts from thrift stores because I was looking for a particular type of skirt. You know, one that fits and was comfortable.

What am I getting at here? Ok well, long story long…..Purple Rain Adventure Skirts! I got my hands on one of these and boom game changer! Finally a hiking, biking, outdoorsy skirt that works. Um…it has pockets, need I say more. It fits those of us that have, you know hips. It’s fitted but not too snug. It’s really cute and versatile. I’ve worn mine to work and around town, it’s better than yoga pants.

Recently I tried out the action dress! It’s cute and comfy too! So go check them out (I’m talking to you Ragbrai ladies!) Oh and dudes too there’s a kilt version! Get you one….you can thank me later!

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