Oh Canada

Well if you haven’t heard I freakin made it to Canada! I can’t believe it! Got to the northern terminus on August 13, 2015 at 9am!

Left Skykomich (thanks for the ride Matt!) and took the ferry from Chelan to Stehekin. Steheken is a great place you can only get to by ferry, float plan, or hiking. The fire was just across the lake, we could see flames from our campsite. (thanks to those fighting the fires, you guys are incredible). Got to stop in the famous bakery. Had ice cream, a cookie, monster cinnamon roll, and the biggest croissant every filled with cheese & bacon. So much yummy goodness! Visit Stehekin, the people are so nice, the lake is beautiful and bring me one of those croissants!

After stuffing myself we hiked on to Rainy Pass and hitched into Mazama. I was worried my last package won’t make it, since we had to change the shipping at the last minute. But Leslie was on the ball, and it got there just minutes before I did! After a quick resupply Goat and I headed for Harts Pass. There was trail magic there, muffins, fruits and drinks! Thanks Meander!

We camped 6 miles out from the border and celebrated a bit! I woke the next day in a mood, due a lack of sleep. There was a deer (with a huge rack) eating outside my tent all night, seriously I could hear it chewing. Guess we were in his dinner spot! My mood improved once we started those last miles, to the monument.

I’ll tell ya it was kinda weird when we got there. I had imagined it for so long. So hard to believe it was over and I had made it. That and I also had 30 more miles back to Harts pass, so it wasn’t really over for me.

After many pictures, signing the register and some mashed potatoes (I was super hungry) we said our goodbyes and Goat headed into Canada while I headed back to Harts pass. (Goat you were a great hiking partner! Thanks for the laughs, trail chat, pushing me and putting up with my crazy especially in the rain! Lol)

goat canada

The 30 mile hike back was a great decompression. Plus I got to see many friends headed to the border. Came around one corner there was Toasted Toad! Happy trails to you man I will never forget Forester Pass!

Did I mention how beautiful Washington is? I will definitely be back! The views, lakes, mountains, only second to the Sierras, in my opinion. I was told there was another fire the smoke & helicopters confirmed it. We were very lucky to get through before the northern fire closures. There is a reroute so people can still get through! Good luck to all those still pushing to the border! Stay safe and happy trails!

To all those I hiked with or crossed paths with on trail, let me just say Thru Hikers are a special kind of crazy and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Thanks for being part of my journey. See you on the next trail….yes there will be more!!!