Help me Floyd….

Well, I was feeling pretty good when I left the wind River motel in Dubois, our second favorite motel after the Y motel in Chama. My resupply for Macks Inn, Idaho was mailed and I was off to catch a hitch back to the trail. Got a lift pretty quick from a nice local couple. They had a small well mannered child in a car seat in the back. Seriously 2 strangers hopped in the car and that kid was quieter than a church mouse, NOT a peep. They were super nice warned us of the bears and took us all the way to the unmarked trail head.

It was a nice morning climb up to a dirt road, where we passed some guys on dirt bikes trying to get around a rock slide. From there we hiked down to Brooks Lake campground. Lovely place with cabins, a lodge, horses and a great view of the lake and bluffs. The campground was not open tent camping due to bear activity. Hmmmm

After another 7 miles we came to what I easily call a raging river! Playing the walk downstream then upstream game we couldn’t find a place to cross. This sucks because you can see the trail, right there on the other side. So close but yet so far. Since it was late afternoon and there was some pre hung bear rope; we decided to camp. Hoping the water would be lower in the morning.

I have to say I was not keen on where we camped near the river and thicket, i.e. bear playground. We now a have a bear aware code word: Floyd. If either of us sees a bear (or needs some help) we yell Floyd !! Its a running joke. If you watched Amazing Race this season you know Floyd. Floyd you were robbed dude.

Anywho, after a super cold night. For real my shoes were frozen in the morning! This weather is ridiculous, come on its June already. As much as we wanted to rise and shine, we didn’t move til the sun hit our tents. Sadly, even after putting on my neoprene socks, crossing that river was not an option. It was still pretty high. Even if we risked it there was another stream it converged with 4 miles later that we’d have to cross.

Although we hated to, it was plan B time. RETREAT. Yep hike back and road walk it.

BUT WAIT……so while I was sitting in my tent, waitin for my shoes to thaw that morrning I saw something……


I have been wanting to see one for awhile. He just strolled past camp, stopped then mosyed right on by!! Silver linings.