Leadville adventure

We got dropped off by our ride at the Safeway grocery store. After wondering around aimlessly I finally got enough food, sorta. (I’m still having eating issues like on the PCT. I just don’t have a taste for anything while on trail. So basically I’m not getting enough calories and my energy is way low. But only like 800 ish miles to go, I’ll make it, eventually.)

Anyway, we got a ride back to the trail before we even got out of the parking lot. 20 minutes later we’re standing back near the trailhead looking at the looming gray sky. A check of the forecast..thunderstorms, agh. We decided to hitch BACK to Leadville, again!

Ended up getting a ride from two very nice guys. Staying in one of the motels seemed like a good inexpensive option. However, every motel we stopped at was full! There was a mountain bike race going on. That’s when one of the guys said “i have an apartment you girls can stay in, if you want, just lock up when you leave.” Hmmm, ok.

Turns out his friend lived in the main house and we got the entire downstairs apartment to ourselves! The friend came down with beer and regaled us with some interesting stories. Conveniently he had a friend that worked at the liquor store! We stayed for two days, I was glad not to be out in the rain. Kelsey wants to go back for the donkey races in a week! Ah, geez.

Escaping the Leadville vortex I am egar to finish these last miles out of Colorado. Not sure how I’m gonna get back to Idaho yet. But hey, things tend to work out as they should.