Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam

When I’m in a time of transition and lacking clarity I listen to Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter.  I have no idea what the actual lyrics are to the song. Heck I don’t think anyone does, maybe even Eddie. But there lays the beauty of it..

“A riff loosely based on something I had during the Ten sessions. I thought it was pretty. Eddie started making up words on the spot and we kept them. I still don’t know what it’s about and I don’t want to! I love it. Fans like it too!” -Lead guitarist Mike McCready

So in moment s of, well, uncertainty I listen to the song. Sometimes on repeat. At some point I just hear what I want to hear. Some people need silence to hear what their heart or that little voice inside is saying. I need Yellow Ledbetter….


Music’s at its best when it has a purpose. ~EV

Let’s talk tunes….

I figured I should get a jump on adding music to my mp3 player. I currently have about 200 song loaded, that is not enough. When I hike alone (which is most of the time) music is super important. Music can make me fly through the miles, change my mood and get me out of my head, if only temporarily.

You may or may not have noticed I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan. I’ve used lines from their songs and titles (and other artist) as blog titles. I gave my mp3 player to a friend before the PCT, said hey put some music on there…..I ended up with a whole bunch of Modest Mouse! Great travelling music he said, and it is, sorta kinda. My other big mp3 filler is DJ sets. These are great because they are a mix of really pumping tunes. They aren’t just any sets either, they are sets that I’ve danced to live. I love how it conjures up feelings/emotions/memories and pushes (read:dances) me up the trail.

Favorite (crush miles) Playlist
Tina Dico -Count to Ten (Pumpkin remix)
Weather- (Pumpkin)
Jonny Quest – JQ – 320 
Pearl Jam -Porch- Live from Mansfield
Robot Heart – Scumfrog BM12

Then there is the singing! You think singing in the shower is awesome? Well, singing here so beats that:

cropped-open-up-hike.jpgThat’s me about to take a bow after a premier performance!!

So many people have found me dancing/singing along the trail it’s just ridiculous. But a girl has to express herself. (that being said I do wear earbuds, you know trail etiquette)

Favorite (sing it girl) Playlist
Anita Baker – Body and Soul
Martin Sexton – Glory Bound
Kelly Clarkson – Walk Away
Janet Jackson – Lonely
Seal – Love’s Divine

So I’m looking for some more tunes. Thinking about going old school 80’s maybe some R&B! Gotta any suggestions?