Hello, my name is Chardonnay and I’m addicted to reading Trail Journals. It all started with Carrot Quinn’s 2013 journal, if you want some good trail stories start there. Once I stumbled onto the PCT Journalist I just spiraled out of control. Reading at work, reading home, it’s kinda ridiculous, but I can’t stop.

It’s even worse now that people thru hiking this year have already started leaving. Blogs are getting updated you can feel the excitement. People are packing up , arriving in San Diego, heading out to Campo. It’s all so exciting, oh how I wish I were heading out too.

But alas, I am not, well not until this time next year! So until then I will have to live vicariously. Guess it’s a lesson in staying present. My time will come, when it should. While my excitement will bubble under the surface for the next 11 months, I have to remember not to gloss over all the exciting things I HAVE GOING ON right now!

So many great things :

Preparation for the Burn (maybe I shouldn’t wait to the last minute as usual)

BRC Ranger Training

PCT Training (so many trails to hike and places to discover)

Summer (summer in San Diego is well awesomeness and I have a paddle board groupon just calling my name!)

Yea… is good!

Wilderness Basics

Guess who completed a Wilderness Basics Course?! This girl!! I had a number of people who had taken it recommend it and I put off taking it for a whole year. So glad I finally got around to doing it. It was in preparation for this course that I learned about the PCT. The course is 10 weeks of learning so much about camping, hiking, gear, even land navigation. Best of all I met some awesomely fun people that I will surely be hiking/camping with again! My girls Betsy and Liz, you guys rock, thanks for the rides, homemade granola, laughs/chats, tent sharing and so much more! Oh yea there was also these great trips! I squeezed through the slot canyons of Canyon Sin Nombre, scrambled over boulders at Hellhole Canyon and navigated Borrego Mountain’s West Butte.

The last trip was snow camp at Mammoth Mountain.This was a really great experience. With full packs we snowshoed out to our camp site, not before getting a warning from ski patrol that a storm was coming. After setting up tents we built epic snow kitchen and privy. Right after dinner it started to snow and it snowed pretty much all night. (Thanks Sonie for that 10 degree sleeping bag/pad, I was nice and toasty) We woke to avalanche cannons and about 9 inches of snow! What fun, and my Chardonnay stayed chill the entire trip! Check some pics here.

So I passed the course test and the class is over. But my backpacking adventures are only just beginning.


Liz, Betsy and Me!!                                                                               Great Snow Camp Blizzard of 2014