Attempting a Thru Hike


Now I understand why people say ‘attempting a thru hike’. There is no guarantee you are going to make it, period. So many temptations, injuries oh and the mind games.

Once in town it is very hard to not want to stay….for awhile. The comforts of food, shower’s, and well, clean water make it tough to hike on. Momentarily I am taking a nero (short mile day) in Wrightwood, this place is great…..they have water and stuff!

There are so many people off the trail already due to injuries, blisters, shin splints, hips…you name it. So thankful every day my body is holding up, for now.

Now the mind games….walking for hours with nothing to do but think, well it can be tricky. Without all the things to distract you like work , tv, computers, people….your mind is going there. Sometimes it’s rough, I call it trail therapy.