Just waiting on a friend

I was super excited to see Tom (aka Toasted Toad)! He’s a trail friend from the PCT.


We met up at the Ole Faithful Village, can’t believe we found each other in that mess of people. He loaded us up with Mountain House meals and then set us up with lunch. He was hiking the CDT but had to get off due to an injury. He was out camping and helping hikers.

We also ran into Samson again and met Mary and Rodger from St Cloud, MN!
Tom offered us a ride but we declined, staying to see the geyser and hike out. (Hmmm) Call if you need anything Tom says, thanks we say.

Long story short we hiked out into a mosquito attack of epic proportions. We were practically jogging down trail chased by swarms, after hiking through a swampy area. Kelsey had so many bites she looked she had chicken pox, she might have zika. We had but one option, ok we had others but….we called Toasted Toad to come save us. That man is saint, do you know he drove like an hour to come get us then drove us ALL the way to Bozeman!

We stayed in Bozeman it was a great zero day. Catching up with an old friend and making ones, loading up on deet!

(PSA: if anybody ever asks you to play Sing-O, just walk away). Toasted Toad, bless his heart, took us ALL the way back to the trail. Thanks again…..hope to see ya, on trail, in Colorado!


After being dropped off we hiked right into a snow storm…yep summer on the CDT!

See thrilling video here!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan S.

Road walked it right on into Tetons NP. Not a fan of road walks, that pavement is a killer on the balls of my feet. But wow the view was breathtaking and the mosquitoes had us picking up the pace.

Ran into Samson on the road also after Togotee Pass. (I met Samson back on the PCT in Etna! He’s fun guy to hike with, he’s from Mississippi) We all headed into the park via the gate since the trail was closed due to bear management. Kelsey and I opted to hitch into a designated hiker campsite. There was a ridiculous amount of people, kinda over whelming (but there were bear boxes, so yeah). We high tailed it out of there early and ran into….Samson. He kindly got us breakfast then we hitched 27 miles into Yellowstone for our backcountry permits. (Man if the trail was open it would have been only 6 miles and we wouldn’t have had to pay to get in).

Grabbed our permit and headed out after lunch. There was about 10 miles to our campsite. Samson was out front warning the bears with his harmonica, then me and Kelsey behind yelling “bear aware” every now and then. We made great time with Samson leading, that dude is long leg fast.


I was mad sweating when we got to camp. But no time to lollygag, the mosquitoes attacked as soon as we stopped moving. Agh!!

The next morning Samson took off early and we weren’t to far behind. We had 15 miles to Old Faithful where we were meeting Toasted Toad, my hiker buddy from the PCT!!