Take this job and..

A frequent question I get when I tell someone I’m doing the PCT is “What about your job?”  I’m quitting.  That’s it in a nutshell. First of all I have a job, not a career, and it’s certainly not my passion. When I get back, I’ll get another one that simple. My job is the least of my concerns and to be honest I will be glad to kiss it goodbye. Actually I have been considering a job change anyway. I am really over having a desk job, sitting ALL DAY LONG at a computer has gotten old. What I’m really looking for is a job where I actually move, my body. But then after moving my body for 2000 plus miles maybe a sitting job will sound good. Nah, probably not!

All I really know is that I am leaving my options open. I have a feeling I have a slightly different view of things when I return. I’m open to the possibilities!

In other news……mom was in town for a visit. She is not a fan of camping or hiking for that matter. However, she was not that opposed to my trip! I pretty sure she did not grasp the full concept of what I was explaining about the trip. Her biggest concern was …..me taking 5 months off of work and why I couldn’t  take that much time off and come home! Agh geez.

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