Had a great time at ADZPCTKO last weekend. ADZPCTKO 2014 is theAnnual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff held at Lake Morena. A while back I big plans to hike from Campo (the southern terminus) and camp out. Whew glad those plans fell threw. First off I am not 20 mile ready yet and holy moly was it cold. Plus there was a pretty yucky storm Friday night. I went down for the day Saturday, it was still sprinkling, windy and cold.

Even with the chilly weather is was a great experience. There were presentations about trail/water conditions, a women’s group and a great talk about snow travel. I really want to learn more about self arrest and using a ice ax. There were a number of vendors, got some Keen hiking socks and made the decision I am totally going ultra lite ‘ish’.

I really, really, really want/need that  ULA backpack, I am so not taking that one I have now, too heavy. My Amazon Wish List is getting longer. Sat through quite a few shakedowns, that is basically when you let someone (an informed someone) assess ALL your stuff. Learned, hiking the PCT is not a time to pack ‘ALL the THINGS’.

I have to say I was jealous when they took the class of 2014 group photo. Man I wish was taking off with them. It was really great though to meet people who’s blogs I’ve read (some how i missed meeting Carrot Quinn, sad face) and talk with prior thru hikers.  Got some great tips and advice. Can’t wait to be part of the class of 2015.

Safe hiking class 2014! Remember HYOH!


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