My hiking training and preparation has been going splendidly. (knock on wood) Operation pay bills/save money is underway. Fighting the urge to buy gear, need more time to save and research. I want the right equipment, for me, even if it costs a bit more (hopefully not). Thing is I’ve never been much of a shopper so this pains me. In a perfect world someone would just say ‘hey you a need this … it here, done”. But no, there are tons of things. Some things you really need, something’s you don’t; something’s you might need, or not; some you can buy used others not so much. It make my head swim, you should see all the lists and excel sheets I have compiled. It’s ridiculous.

As far as training, that is going well! I’ve dropped a few more pounds, woo freaking hoo! Really it’s due to the increased amount of hiking/walking I have been doing. That’s it. If I clean up my diet I’ll be at my goal weight in no time. (weird, I am dropping like 30 pounds….only to carry a 20 pound pack(or less) hmmm).

Anywho, now that I am staying in Poway, mostly, getting out in the mornings and evenings is easier. Besides I have found some pretty nice hiking trails in the area, with hills, big hills. Best of all there are hardly any people on them! I have them all to myself, unlike Cowles, so many people. Oh the other day I wasn’t alone, some dude come trudging up behind me, about scared the living crap out of me. At least he was cute, named Brandon, we chatted for a bit but he was not going as far (or as fast) as me. I was in just started on a training hike where I go as fast as possible on this 7 mile loop! Noticed my climbing speed is better, no more of that, whoa stop and get a breather mid climb crap, yea me! Operation be a bad ass hiker is GO!

SIDE NOTE: No I will not divulge the location of my cool new hiking spot; don’t want the word to get out. You know it’s like a fishing spot thing. I will however blindfold you take there and let you hike with me, maybe.

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