Living for the City -Stevie Wonder

In the perfect world I’d live in a small cabin in the woods where I could just walk out the door and go hiking. Alas, I live in the city. This can mean at times I have to jump in the car and head drive a trail-head. Not something I want to do or have the time for. That’s when I go for a city hike.  I consider myself lucky to live in San Diego, where there are canyon trails tucked in small pockets around the city, interestingly diverse neighborhoods, numerous parks and the urban forest that is Balboa Park.

Actually I used city hiking as part of my training for my first thru hike. I’d throw on my backpack hike down to the store, grab some groceries then hike a different route back to the house. Walking the city with a giant backpack, people may think your crazy or super outdoorsy. Either way your in good company.  Other option, grab a day pack or fanny pack even, find a local park on a map and head for it. Explore the wildness of the hood, the stunning views from a hillside, giant urban trees and surprise book nooks!

Hiking adventures are right out your backdoor, whether you live in the city or the mountains; the beach or the countryside. How many adventures have you passed in your car on the way to the trail-head, store, or work? Go on get out there, you can thank me later!


My hiking training and preparation has been going splendidly. (knock on wood) Operation pay bills/save money is underway. Fighting the urge to buy gear, need more time to save and research. I want the right equipment, for me, even if it costs a bit more (hopefully not). Thing is I’ve never been much of a shopper so this pains me. In a perfect world someone would just say ‘hey you a need this … it here, done”. But no, there are tons of things. Some things you really need, something’s you don’t; something’s you might need, or not; some you can buy used others not so much. It make my head swim, you should see all the lists and excel sheets I have compiled. It’s ridiculous.

As far as training, that is going well! I’ve dropped a few more pounds, woo freaking hoo! Really it’s due to the increased amount of hiking/walking I have been doing. That’s it. If I clean up my diet I’ll be at my goal weight in no time. (weird, I am dropping like 30 pounds….only to carry a 20 pound pack(or less) hmmm).

Anywho, now that I am staying in Poway, mostly, getting out in the mornings and evenings is easier. Besides I have found some pretty nice hiking trails in the area, with hills, big hills. Best of all there are hardly any people on them! I have them all to myself, unlike Cowles, so many people. Oh the other day I wasn’t alone, some dude come trudging up behind me, about scared the living crap out of me. At least he was cute, named Brandon, we chatted for a bit but he was not going as far (or as fast) as me. I was in just started on a training hike where I go as fast as possible on this 7 mile loop! Noticed my climbing speed is better, no more of that, whoa stop and get a breather mid climb crap, yea me! Operation be a bad ass hiker is GO!

SIDE NOTE: No I will not divulge the location of my cool new hiking spot; don’t want the word to get out. You know it’s like a fishing spot thing. I will however blindfold you take there and let you hike with me, maybe.