Every ounce counts…..

Went out for my training day on Monday. 20 miles 25 lbs backpack! Last time I went out it was 17 lbs, man what difference. Started out pretty pumped up on caffeine, straight up the hill, thinking to myself ‘i eat mountains for breakfast’. I love taking on the mountain right out of the gate. Then I cruised down to the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve pass the horse stables and out to the waterfall.

Right at the hwy 15 underpass was a bridge out sign. I almost turned around but then though heck I’d go check it out. Yep it was out alright. I decided to try to cross anyway. Spent a good ten minutes debated how to do that. I haven’t had the best of luck crossing water. Happy to say I made across (only got one shoe wet). On the upside I’ve learned that my trail runners and socks dry rather quickly! Oh did I mention it wasn’t just one bridge out…..there were two! The second one was much easier to get across. All that rain last week really left a mark.

WP_20141208_001                             WP_20141208_002

At the waterfall I turned right around and headed back. I was feeling good and making good time so skipped my planned lunch/rest break. Bad idea #1…….I so hit the wall not long after that.

All of a sudden my legs were just barely moving and my pack felt like a small car. With my pack pulling on my right shoulder I decided to loosen my straps for some relief. Bad Idea #2. By now I’m thinking just keep moving. Meanwhile I forced myself to eat a granola bar and sipped some Gatorade. To get all my miles in I had to stick to my initial plan and climb to the top of the Sabre Springs open space trail……

Long story short…..I made it but it was not entirely pretty. I’ve gotten myself to drink more water over time. Now I have to work on getting nutrition right. Oh and I got a lovely little blister from loosening my straps!  Some lessons have to be learned the hard way.

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