Solo but not alone

Often when I tell people I’m hiking the PCT one of the first questions is “are you going alone?”. I confidently and quickly say yes! I consider myself a solo hiker. 9 times out of 10 when I hike I go it alone. Mostly I just enjoy the ‘me’ time or if it’s a training hike I need to focus on pace/speed/route and what not. More likely it’s spur of the moment (my packs always in the car) no time to organize a group. Don’t get me wrong I love to have company, it just tends to be a different kind a hike.

More than once I have taking someone out hiking with me, got to chatting and next thing you know I’ve taken a wrong turn, or two! My hiking buddy Pat is great he tends to take me to places I never been; he leads so I can just follow, take in the views and chat my little head off.

Yeah solo is how I tend to roll. But I am not alone.

As I prepare for this mighty adventure I am more aware than ever that I am not alone. I won’t be on the trail alone, I’ll have all of you! This would not be possible without YOU! The support and encouragement I’ve received has been just crazy. Prior thru-hikers giving me tips and suggestions. Friends and family donating to my fundraiser, offering rides (if I want to come home), help on the trail(mailing me french fries!), buying me gear, walking the trails (not complaining when I get us lost), listening to me (obsess about planning)….It is quite overwhelming.

When I leave from the PCT’s southern terminus I will be a solo hiker……but I will not be alone.

So I hope you guys are ready we’re doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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