Well I had to make some grown up decisions today. Boo. I had hoped to go on a week long 150 mile hike next week, as a training hike. I was really looking forward to it. Being able to test some gear, test myself, learn some things and have some fun. But unfortunately that is not going to happen.

See taking 5 months off work and hiking the PCT is not an inexpensive endeavor. Recently when I was chatting about doing the trail (it’s all I do now) a guy asked how can you afford that you must have a trust fund. Wouldn’t that be great but um, no. To take 5 months off work I’ve had to make some (many) sacrifices. Some have been harder than others.

Like that training, I was really pumped about it. For awhile there I was going hell or high-water. But then word priorities kept popping into my head. Right now the PCT is my priority. You know if it’s meant to be it’s up to me!!

Right now I just can’t afford to take a week off work. (Heck, I’m actually interviewing for a second job tomorrow.) 3 months, 4 days, 23 hours til the first step (well give or take, close enough to freak out a little) Time to start making the tough decisions. No more procrastinating and what not. I still haven’t decided what socks to take Injinji or Darn Tough!!! Agh! Wait….don’t panic….breathe…ok…Injinji it is, there that wasn’t so hard. Boy, soon the only decision I’ll need to make is start with the left foot or right foot!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Priorities

  1. I take Injinji AND Darn Tough. I alternate so I have slight variety on my feet. I find that Injinjis wear out about every 500 miles. My Darn Toughs are good as new after 500.

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