Just Breathe

Freaking out a little. Down to a month and 5 days! I’m so not ready. Well sorta. No not! Couple more hundred trips to REI to make. Possible dry run next week maybe I dunno. Panic is setting in. Oh and those Canadian jerks did not allow me an entry permit. Fine Canada, whatevs. Need to get base layer pants (so expensive) and I am slightly concerned that my coat won’t be warm enough. Need practice packing all the things!

Let’s face it from here on out I will be a spaz case. Bare with me.

2 thoughts on “Just Breathe

    1. So many things going on right now! I still have to pack for the Burn (BEFORE)I leave. Really the Canadian permit is no biggie, I just can’t go stay the night in Canada at the end. So I’ll just turn around and head back, a few Extra miles.

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