Tumbles, Tents and Ticked off

So I took a tumble the other day. Yep sad face.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. I was on the trail, of course, coming down this very large hill. Totally slipped on some loose gravel, it was really rocky. Landed my bum right on a rock (bruise), slid a bit on my elbow (there was blood) and tweaked my knee. Oh and my pride hurt a little too. No really at least I know have matching bruises on both elbow (got the other one in cycling spill). The knee was my biggest concern, according to web MD I’ll be fine or I have ebola,

I got my new tent Six Moons Skyscape Scout! It packs all super tiny. Then I had to set it up…..I’ve set up tents 5 times the size of this one easier. I actually had to whip out the Youtube video (in the park) to figure it out. Ok, I just need more practice. But I am using my trekking poles as tent poles (saves weight). It’s kinda tricky getting those in the right spot. I wonder if people ever roll over bump the pole and knock the whole tent down. hmmmm Now I have to seal the seams. No, I have never done that. This should be interesting.


I had said I won’t mention my REI trip today, but I needed another T for my witty title. They kinda ticked me off. They are just not helpful at all. This guy working there was …….You know what nevermind. It’s all good.

2 thoughts on “Tumbles, Tents and Ticked off

  1. Practice Practice Practice.
    Advice on seam sealing. Put some of the silicon in a small bowl or plastic container, something easy to dip the brush in. I recommend a sponge brush. Then get a pot of warm/hot water and set the cup in it to loosen it up, without having water spill in. No too long though, only a minute or two. You don’t want it to be runny or it will drip. Having it warm with allow it to spread easier and seep into the seams better. It will cool down and you will know by how it starts to gum up as you spread it on. Be patient and warm it up again. Obviously, start from the top and work your way down. Worst case you make a mess but as long as it is nice and sealed. Good LUCK!!!

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