PCT 2015 Gear List

My current gear list.

Six Moon- Scout 8 titanium stakes 34
Sleeping bag-  Big Agnes Mirror Lake 16.7
Sleeping bag stuff sac 2
Poly-cro ground sheet 1.5
Z Lite sleeping pad 10
Nokia Smartphone  6
Sansa Clip Mp3 Player 1
2 wall chargers for gadgets 2
Energizer Headlamp 2
Sawyer Mini Water filter 2
Plastic screw-top container to soak my dinners 2
Titanium spoon .6
Knife 1
Smart water bottles x 2 2.5
Stuff sack for food 1
Tiny notebook and pen, permits, etc 2
Various small items in ziploc: Toothbrush and toothpaste, floss with sewing needle inside, earplugs, ibuprofen, earbuds, extra chapstick, tiny plastic camp mirror, hairties, lighter. 4
Sunglasses 1
One ounce hand sanitizer 1
Full size bottle of sunscreen 4
Toilet paper 2
Trash compactor bag liner 2
Zippered stuff sack for items 2
Extra pair of darn tough socks 1.5
Laundry down flash jacket 9
rain poncho 7
wool hat 2
Bandanna x 2 2
Warm tights 1
Mosquito headnet as stuff sack for clothes 1
Total base weight of pack (this is the weight without food, water, fuel or worn clothing) 18 lbs

Worn: Hike skirt, synthetic shirt, injinji toe socks, sports bra, BFord hat. Dirty girl gaiters.

One thought on “PCT 2015 Gear List

  1. Now that you’ve completed the hike (congrats!), what on your list did you find most valuable? What would you have left home? What did you need and didn’t have?

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