Back on the trail

In December, because of the holidays, I didn’t hit the trail much. Then in January I was, well busy doing stuff so I didn’t get out on the trail for big miles hardly at all. So today when I went out for a 20 miler I was not sure how it was going to go. Good news! It went great!

I over slept and got a late start (10am), but I threw on my 25lb pack and I was off. The weather was great (it’s SoCal the weather is always great), did my ole favorite route over the mountains then out to the Penasquitos Waterfall. I was happy with my pace, made good time (i jogged a little because I did not want be in the mountains after dark). I only stopped once for a snack. I’m never really hungry when I’m moving like that, but I know what happens when I eat nothing…crash.

Anywho, ended up with 23 miles, boom! Yes, I was shocked too. That extra 3 came from me getting turned around on the mountain (see why I didn’t want to be out there in the dark). There are so many trails out there behind Sabre Springs it is easy to not know which direction you came from.

So even though I wasn’t on the trail I was training. In the gym. Hitting the treadmill and weights. Dropped another 5 pounds, surprisingly. Well I guess not really. I’ve dropped a lot of sugar, salt and meat from my diet. But I still feel like I eat not all that well and don’t even get me started on booze I been putting down. What, don’t judge, my social life has picked up lately.

Posting my gear list soon……….

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