African American hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I’m on the TRAIL!!!

So I have officially been on the trail for a week. It’s been everything I imagined and so much more. I don’t have a snappy Iphone so updating from the trail just is not gonna be happening. I am currently in Idyllwild.

How’s it been? Let me quickly catch you up. Well I got off to a roaring start I cranked out 20 miles to Lake Moreno, then 21 miles the next day into Mt Laguna. That hiker hunger people talk about has not hit me yet. So I hit a major wall going in to Mt Laguna, I was really dragging finally made it like 8:45 pm it was cold, dark and my mp3 battery died. I ended up stealth camping alone and meeting up with a friend Andrew the next morning because I just couldn’t make it another mile.

The hike to Julian was lovely and hot. For the first time ever I hitchhiked, it took me a bit to get a ride into town. Oh and no I did not have the pie. Man what is with people and the Julian pie. I did stop by the local grocery and picked up some cheese! Next time you are in Julian try the cheese, it’s tasty. I was trying to hitch out of Julian back to the trail when a sheriff pulled up. (doah, I thought he was going to tell me not hitching) But nope! Instead he gave me a ride! Woohoo!

Got a little trail magic on my way to Warner Springs. Rolled into the campsite and there was this girl ‘Veggie’ just making up chocolate pancakes and handing out beers! Amazing how the littlest things are so great out here. I about danced a jig when I saw the Warner Springs sign that stated showers, laundry and food! Speaking of Warner Springs, man are they hiker friendly. There were ladies there just waiting to ride to the post office and back. I got resupplied clean clothes, clean me, food and I was back on the trail in no time!

I hiked with fun group of ladies out of Warner Springs, it was good to hook up with a group for a bit and kinda slow it down for a while.

Mostly I hike by myself, which I like. Then I can go my own pace be that fast or slow and talk to myself without distraction. I keep running in the same people in the last few days anyway. We leap frog and the end up camping in the same areas. Met a nice kid ‘SnackMaster’ from Washington, we hiked together one morning he was quite fun to talk to. So many interesting people you meet out here.

All in all I have to say I’m pretty happy with the way my body is holding up. 150 miles in and she is still purring like a kitten. No blisters and no pains that haven’t resolved themselves with a little vitamin I and some sleep.

I have to mention all there are so many great trail angels out here! TA Mike/Tom/Mary thanks for the water, food, soda, beer and places to camp.

So I am leaving Idyllwild this afternoon, skipping the road walk.

I will try to keep updating as much as possible but I learning on the trail you just never know.

Happy Trails ~ chardonnay

4 thoughts on “I’m on the TRAIL!!!

  1. I usually just read and enjoy your shares about your experiences and your preparation. However, now that you’re on the trail I know the little things become so important so I’m here to say “great job!”

    It’s an exciting hike and I look forward to seeing your next update! Stay focused and stay happy!

    Prayers for you and a safe hike. 🙂

  2. Hi Chardonnay, I’m so late in finding your blog, but I read the PCTA newsletter and found that you had a blog. Thanks for sharing your adventures and experiences, it is so good to see you in the newletter and to have found your blog!

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