Up then Down then Up……

Past mile 200 today! Left Idyllwild hiked up devils slide and San Jacinto. Spent the night just below the peak. Very cool to wake with a deer outside my tent and above the clouds! I was pretty excited that I would be headed down hill. Little did I know I had to climb up then down then….down for a long time. Matter of fact it took me full day and a morning to get down off that mountain. But with the amazing views off Fuller Ridge it was all worth it! Crossed hwy 10 the windmill farm, whoa super windy!

This morning I arrived at Ziggy and the Bear (trail angels)! They have been hosting hikers for 14 years! So I got my 2nd much needed shower and so much more. I’m learning a lesson about letting go of plans. I’ve been so caught up in my “plan” that I haven’t really stopped to take in the experience. So I am taking a day here and heading to the PCT kickoff.

Sometimes you go uphill and it’s tough but don’t quit, then you cruise downhill but be careful of rocks that might trip you up! Remember pick a direction, keep moving forward and enjoy the journey!

Happy Trails- chardonnay

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