Things happen as they should

Plans on the trail change constantly. My plans to go to kickoff blew away with the wind. I just couldn’t justify possibly 4 days off trail. It was a good choice to keep hiking, as I was told there are many temptations on the trail. (great advice from Paint your wagon)

I hiked on to Big Bear ignoring my weather fears. Half way the cold dreary weather moved in, it was really cold and windy on the exposed ridge. I made it to a windowless doorless cabin to hunker down with a bunch of other cheery hikers. Trail magic (thanks to ‘Cribbage’) got us through a chilly night.

A bunch of us slackpacked into Big Bear, amazing how quick you can move less 25 pounds and cold rain/snow coming down. A little bit of everything out here.

The cold rain moved in as we entered town. As I went to resupply at the local grocery store, I found out a dear friend just happened to be in town, Skyler!

burner lover_preview

Once we connected he and Adam swooped in and picked me right up! They took me out fed me and resupplied me with so much love!

You see sometimes plans change for reasons you can’t even begin to imagine.

oh….if you happen to be in Big Bear stop in and say hi to Lorraine at Captains Anchorage tell her chardonnay sent ya!

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