The post brought to you by water

So water is a thing out here, for real. You need it, you want, you plan where to find it, but you don’t want to carry it. (I don’t)

I was concerned about water before I left, so I carried a bunch, well 4 liters, which is a lot for me. I was really not wanting to get into the whole filtering water thing right away either. It’s a process with my mini Sawyer water filter.

So the other morning, I hiked down to the water source, a stream. I decided to pour water from my bottle into the Camelback without removing it from my backpack, bad idea. Before I could stop it water was pouring into my pack! Doah! I took off my socks and shoes to quickly cross the stream then spread everything out to dry. By the time I filtered water and got my shoes back on things were more or less dry. Lesson learned.


2 thoughts on “The post brought to you by water

  1. Hang in there Girl! So much stuff I didn’t even consider. If I have to carry a gallon of milk without a shopping cart I’m whining like a brat, ……4 liters!!!!! You are such a BOSS!!!! Every lesson learned makes the remaining miles go smoother. You got this!! Luv’ Ya! Nita

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