Desert wind

Hiked out onto the California aqua duct alone, the first mile or so is open then it’s covered. It’s a mostly flat section so I was dinking along til Willie and 7 caught up to me. Man these guys are great to hike with. Willie is a marathoner and 7 has well, done the 7 summit’s! They are older gents but they smoke me every-time. We whipped out 24 miles in no time, I was distracted trying to keep up and chatting!

After the aqueduct we hiked through a giant wind farm. Yep it was super freakin windy. Climbed a big hill (always) then down to camp in Tylerhorse Canyon. It was a great campsite til the wind started. The wind blew down my tent 3 times! After the third time I just said screw it an slept in in collapsed tent. About 4am the wind finally stopped.

Dragged my sleepy self out of the tent at 6 and chased Willie & 7 the 17 miles into Mojave. Great trail angel Jetta Blue drove us the 11 miles into town from the trailhead. Resting here tonight til the post office opens tomorrow for my bounce box. Then I start my last week in the desert!

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