Nero Zero breakdown

Made it to Kennedy Meadows, that is major. The gateway to the Sierras!  700 miles without a Zero! Financially that is great because I can’t afford all the the hotels and time in town. The last few miles into KM were long and winding, but I was pumped every time I got a glimpse of the Sierras! Walking up to the General Store (where I would camp, shower, eat, and worry) was great the hikers sitting on the patio cheer for you as you walk up, nice!

bear canister_preview                                                    bear canister- thanks for the loan

Staying 3 days in KM was not in the plans….but, first I needed to pick up my bear canister that I got through the loan program. You only need the canister mainly through the Sierras, so they loan it to you and you mail it back when done! Second,  I needed the rest and the opportunity to socialize with other hikers. Chatting with other hikers was good and bad, though. It was nice to know that other people struggled or disliked the same sections that I did. Sitting around the deck or the fire at night laughing and learning about everyone is a big part of this experience. However, the guys quickly picked up on my nervousness about the Sierras. They made a point in telling me all the scary hypothermia stories they could think of. This combined with the incoming storm, plus watching people pull rope, ice axes, gloves and well, winter gear from their packages sent me into a tizzy. Bring on the wine!!

Quickly realizing I might be unprepared for the mountains, moreover my finger less gloves might not cut it. Luckily, I was able to score a ride into town with another hiker and headed straight for the outfitters!

So headed into the Sierras, hopefully I won’t freeze to death. But I made it through the last snow storm. So send me lots of warm vibes!



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