Day in the life on trail

Life on the trail….hike, eat, sleep, repeat. My day goes something like this in case you were wondering.

Wake at first light, usually about 5:30 am, lay there staring at tent til I hear other hikers start unzipping tents and sleeping bags. Mornings are the worst part of the day for me as it had been so cold, so I try to do everything from inside my sleeping bag. (I luv my 20 degree bag it is super toasty) Anyway I do a quick wet wipe clean up then take my handful of vitamins. Then I have breakfast, usually a granola bar and peanut butter or a pop tart, the joy of going stoveless!

Then I put my coat on, yep still in sleeping bag. Put on “clean” soak’s and gaiters, pack away electronics and trash. Unzip tent, lay plastic bag outside of tent throw everything inside out into bag, yup I’m still in the sleeping bag. (if I could figure out a way to pack my tent while still in my bag I would) ok now I get out and stuff it away and finally get out of tent.

sierras chicken lake

From this point I quickly pack everything into backpack so my little fingers don’t freeze. Then I hike and warm up quickly, so then starts the disrobing part of the day. (this goes on all day sometimes, coat orn, coat off, shirt on shirt off).

I usually stuff my hip belt  with protein bars so I don’t have to stop to eat. I like to keep moving, it’s a forward momentum thing. Once I stop it takes a while to get back to cruising speed.

sierras chillin

When things workout I like to get to camp about 6:30 pm, throw up my tent and hop in if it’s chilly. If not I’ll sit outside on my pad and have cold (sometimes dry) ramen or salami and triskets! If there is a fire in camp I love to sit and chat, if not I’m in my tent. Yup this cold spell is killing my social game. Either way once in my tent I wet wipe my feet massage them with lotion, take some vitamin I, record daily mileage, review maps for the next day then…..lights out. Hey hiker midnight is 9pm, so yeah.








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