while you’re busy making plans

In life you make plans and before you know it they are blown to hell. Same on the trail. You want everything to halt while you regroup but it doesn’t so you just wing it. That’s life.

I’ve been winging it for a while now. Just hike, hike, hike when all else fails push the miles. That was working in the desert portion, pushing my body to get big miles. Got goals, got plans, got a schedule move, move….Not stopping to rest, recover or even enjoy the moment. Well life has away of slowing you down. The Sierras put the brakes on for me.

On the trail I have been saying always move forward not back. Even when we got dire warning’s about going over the passes. Dangerous, scary, whatever, can’t go back must move forward.

I pushed forward through the mountains faster than I should have. Through thigh deep snow. Then I did two passes (Pinchot & Mather) 20 miles in one day. (I was warned to slow it down, but nope) Well lesson learned. The next morning I was beyond exhausted with Muir pass ahead, and I just knew I didn’t have it in me to make it over. I HAD to get off trail, I was losing weight and weak. Happy Feet  (he was getting off due to some serious sun burn) and I hiked 22 miles over Bishop Pass then hitched into the town of Bishop.

Yep the Sierras were kicking my butt. The Sierras are like big monsters with snow on them. You fight them all the way up 10, 11, 12000 feet. The reward is breathtaking views, like living in a postcard. But then you must descend and try not to let it chew you up on the way down. I’ve conquered a couple of monsters but it was a tough fight.

So I am currently recouping in Bishop. Staying at Hostel California! Great place, highly recommend it! I need to rest and resupply for the next section. Rethinking my nutrition. I need to take in ALOT more calories. I’m down 20 pounds, that ain’t good and explains my exhaustion. So I’m off to go make very high calorie mac and cheese, pickup some protein powder and eat, eat, eat! Then back on the trail…..to enjoy the beauty of these monstrous mountains at a slower pace!


2 thoughts on “while you’re busy making plans

  1. Package off goodies waiting for you when you arrive in Yosemite….rest and take care of yourself. Hugs!!

  2. Proud of you E
    and hope you are continually safe and loving it
    be careful out there
    Love talking mean it.

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